The Connection Between Exercise and Pain Management

Exercise has long been known to be a positive addition to a healthy lifestyle. It can help with weight loss, flexibility, balance, and strengthening and toning muscles. There is a type of exercise available for any need or fitness level. Exercise can help in almost any aspect of health. It’s even been shown to be able to help people manage their chronic pain.

Exercise And Pain Relief

There have been numerous studies and meta-analyses done worldwide by places such as the University Of New South Wales regarding the effects of exercise on pain levels. The consensus is that it is effective, but no one fully understands why quite yet.

Costs Of Chronic Pain

  • Medications
  • Manual therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy

These treatments may provide relief, but exercise showed the most consistent results in patients.

Why Does Exercise Work?

  • Improved aerobic fitness
  • Improved core stability
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved mood

These theories are a good starting point, but currently, there is no consensus on how or why exercise is so effective in pain management. For individuals with chronic pain, exercise is highly recommended. Activities such as walking, using an exercise bike, or swimming can vastly improve the quality of life and reduce pain levels if they are done consistently and safely.

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