The Many Benefits of Squats

It’s almost impossible to find a workout routine that doesn’t include some form of squats. From powerlifters and world-class athletes to the casual gym-goers and those new to the weight room, it seems that everyone is doing squats. Why? Simply put, squats work wonders for the lower body.

Read on to discover the benefits of squats and learn how they’re an important component of a holistic fitness regimen.

Squats Strengthen More Than Just the Legs

They Lead to Better Posture

There Are Many Different Variations

Squats Improve Joint Health

They’re Great for Losing Weight

Obviously, the act of doing squats burns calories by itself, and squats are surprisingly efficient. One minute of squat exercise burns eight calories. That number only goes up when more resistance is applied.

However, the calorie-burning benefits don’t end there. The increased muscle mass from squatting burns calories even at rest.

Finally, squats cause the body to produce anabolic hormones. These hormones contribute to the muscle-building and fat-burning processes. Compound exercises like squats cause the body to produce more anabolic hormones than other, more targeted exercises.

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